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Pension Advice

Looking for Pension Advice in Swansea?

Independent pension advice plays a key role in your future. From different types of pension schemes, to understanding how to use annuities, a registered financial adviser will give you the insight you need to properly plan for your future. At PensionAdvice.org, we connect you to independent pension advice in Swansea so that you can be on top of your pension planning at every stage.

It’s easy to dismiss the need for a pension planning strategy. Many of us make the mistake of leaving it very late to build up a pension pot for old age. While you’re never to old to start building a comfortable retirement income (as long as you’re working), it makes sense to start as early as you can.

Our recommended financial advisers in Swansea can help you to begin the pension planning process whatever age you are and wherever you are in life. Work with them for up to the minute pension advice and intelligent pension planning.

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When Should You Start a Pension?
Transferring a Final Salary Pension
Pension Schemes

Why Seek Pension Advice?

The range of pension options is broad and our needs tend to change over time – what was a good idea 5 years ago may not work so well now. Given the complex and fluid pensions landscape, it’s a good idea to get independent pension advice on a regular basis to help with effective pension planning.

When you’re taking pension advice, look for a financial adviser who is able to provide a range of services, including pension reviewing, and to tailor advice specifically to you. Planning for your future is something very individual and requires bespoke financial advice. Your adviser should carry out a detailed fact-finding process to find out about your current situation and what your objectives are. They can then use this to create personal recommendations based on your own specific circumstances.

There are many reasons to look for professional pension advice, in particular the benefits of working with true specialists. This means you will get information on all the latest products and advice on a range of options you may not otherwise have had access to.

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Bespoke Independent Pension Advice in Swansea...

Connect with FCA regulated pension advisers for free, locally and nationally, via PensionAdvice.org. We can help you find a pension adviser with the expertise that you need, whether that’s retirement advice or help with annuities or pension transfers. Via PensionAdvice.org you’ll find advice on a range of essential pension topics, including:

Pension transfers

If you could cut the fees you pay and release more cash for your retirement fund, would you? A transfer to a new pension fund could help you do that.

Defined benefit pensions

Is a defined benefit pension scheme right for you? These schemes will pay out based on the years you worked and the salary that you earned.

Final salary schemes

How can you work out whether a final salary pension makes the most of your earnings? Final salary pensions pay out based on a percentage of your final salary before you leave the company or before retirement.

Advice on Annuities

Should you buy an annuity? Annuities are an insurance-based option. You can use them to swap your pension pot for a guaranteed lifetime income instead.

Group & other pensions

Do you know what the benefits of a group pension are? These are individual pensions administered together. You often pay less in fees for a group pension.

Later life planning

Have you done any later life planning? Later life planning should be started as early as possible to ensure you have the retirement that you want. From choosing the right pension, to defining the size of the pension pot that you need, later life planning is the key to your future comfort.

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