Key Questions to Ask a Financial Adviser

By May 16, 2017Chelmsford
Key Questions to Ask a Financial Adviser

Planning for your retirement can be confusing and stressful, from understanding the different types of pensions, deciding which pension plan is best suited to you to knowing if you are contributing enough to your pension for a comfortable retirement. Seeking advice from an independent financial adviser can help remove the confusion and stress.

A good financial adviser will work with you to ensure you understand your options, the benefits and the potential risks and will ensure you have the most effective pension strategy in place. It is important to ensure your financial adviser is providing bespoke advice that is tailored to your personal circumstances and financial goals.

If you are looking for independent pension advice in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas, we can help you find the right pension adviser to help you with all aspects of pension planning and reviewing to ensure you have the most effective and efficient strategies in place.

Questions to Ask

Choosing the right independent financial adviser is an essential part of making your money go further and ensuring your retirement is financially comfortable. Here are a few key questions to ask them:

    1. Are you approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)? It is important that you use a financial adviser that is approved by the FCA and on the FCA register.
    1. What services do you offer? Asking about their services will help you determine whether they have the experience and knowledge to help you meet your goals. For example, if you are looking for pension advice, but the adviser you are speaking with doesn’t offer it as a service they are not a good match for your requirements.
    1. How, and how much, do you charge clients? This is likely to be one of the first questions that comes to mind once you have decided to seek financial advice. A financial adviser must tell you how much they charge before you are taken on as a client. Although they may not be able to give you an exact quote, they will be able to give you guide to costs or at least tell you how they structure their fees.
    1. Will I work solely with you, or with a team? It is important to understand how they work and the kind of relationship you can expect to ensure they are a good fit.
    1. How do you deal with someone who has more than one financial objective? An experienced adviser will listen to a client and help them to assess and define their key financial goals. They will be able to provide a tailored strategy that stands the best chance of achieving the targets once they have been established.
    1. How regularly will you assess my financial situation and provide a progress summary? It is imperative to review your pension plan to ensure it is performing well and to review other options which may be available.
    1. What will the first meeting involve? Asking about your first meeting will give you a good insight into your adviser’s approach and will help you understand how they work and what you can expect.
    1. What should I prepare? Knowing what to prepare for your first meeting will ensure you are armed with the information needed and will help you get the most from your initial meeting.

The financial advisers we recommend are experienced in retirement planning and regularly work with their clients to provide support and guidance on all aspects of pension advice in Chelmsford and across Essex. Our financial advisers will work with you to determine which pension plan is best suited to your circumstances and will provide sound retirement planning advice.

At we can help you find a FCA registered financial adviser for pension advice in Chelmsford. All of the financial advisers we recommend offer bespoke financial advice that is tailored to your unique personal circumstances.


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